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“Hi Yvonne,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing teachings in reflexology.

I learned so much from you and will use your services as often as I can. I will recommend you at every opportunity.

Also if anyone would like to speak with me regards the huge benefits I received from your teachings and treatments, please don’t hesitate to pass on my details. Love and Light.” – Mia

“I had reflexology. She [Yvonne] highlighted certain aspects of my health and was spot on.
I would certainly get this done again as it was enjoyable and informative. Yvonne made me very relaxed and welcome which helped me enjoy the treatment.” – Nicole Whyte.

“I had an Indian Head Massage and it really relaxed me and I felt de-stressed. Yvonne made me welcome and I would definately get this done again.”
– Moira B

I really enjoyed my reflexology. I would highly recommend it. It was informative and relaxing. Yvonne is a wonderful person who is passionate about what she does.” – Donna Marie Lapsley

“Hi Yvonne,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to you for a brilliant 6 month course in reflexology.

The treatments, training and theory you taught me has been invaluable to me, especially for my yoga teacher training in India.

I will highly recommend you at every opportunity, and will continue to use your services whenever I can.

Thanks a million Yvonne, you are a star! Love and Light” – Veronica

“Hi Yvonne, I have experienced different therapies from Yvonne – Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology. They were all very enjoyable and relaxing.
When I discussed healing issues with her, she always explained to me about them, and really knew what she was talking about. Her talks were very therapeutic for me.
I found Yvonne a very interesting and approachable person to know – and I always felt very uplifted when leaving her cabin after a therapy session.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Yvonne as she is very dedicated to her work as a therapist, and you can see that she loves every minute of it.  Love and Light” – Anna G